Say What? Watch For Chikungunya In 2015

You know better than to share your twilight BBQ with mosquitoes because of the risk of contracting the West Nile virus. However, now you have another mosquito-borne illness to be concerned about: chikungunya. Yes, it is indeed difficult to pronounce–and impossible to treat. Although it isn’t fatal, chikungunya can make you pretty miserable. Here’s what […]

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Drip Irrigation Overview For Perennial Plants

Perennial flowers and shrubs have different watering needs than your lawn grass. Installing a permanent drip irrigation system in conjunction with your sprinkler installation can help you meet these needs, while encouraging the best health of the plants. Drip Benefits When it comes to the perennial flower garden, drip irrigation offers several key benefits compared to […]

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Tips To Avoid Furnace Repair This Winter

Winter is a terrible time for furnace repair. With the outdoor temperatures dropping, the pressure to keep your home constantly heated rises steadily with each passing day. These tips will help you avoid an ill-timed and inconvenient furnace repair this winter. Change the Air Filter The air filter cleans the air that flows through your […]

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