Creative Ways To Heat Your Home When The Heater Breaks

Posted on: 22 January 2015

If your heater suddenly stops working then you want to generate heat another way. When it's cold outside you want to preserve the heat you have in your home, but you'll also need to generate more heat quickly. You can learn some creative ways to warm your house below:

Make a simple paint can heater

You can make a paint can heater with things you have laying around the house. One heater will be able to warm up a small room in your house. If you need to heat a large room, or multiple rooms, then you can make an appropriate number of heaters. You'll need the following items to make one paint can heater:

  • A clean quart size paint can with lid
  • A roll of toilet paper with the cardboard roll removed
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A match

The heater is very simple to put together. You will take the roll of toilet paper and fit it inside the paint can. Fill the can up with the isopropyl alcohol until it comes about an inch from the top. Give it a few minutes and the alcohol will absorb into the toilet paper. Add more alcohol if necessary. At this point your heater is made. To light it you will take a match and light a part of the toilet paper carefully. You can use the lid of the can to control the flame.

Use a portable wood stove

If you have a wood stove on your property, then you are in luck. With a little bit of rearranging you can use the stove to bring a good amount of heat into your house.  You want to lay down some fire retardant flooring in front of a window in the most important room to get heated. Set the stove right near the window and stick the piping of the stove out the window, opening the window only enough to accommodate the piping. Light the wood and enjoy the warmth that will soon fill your home.

While you use the above methods to heat your home you can also use some of the obvious methods such as turning on your oven and using the dryer to warm up some blankets. Make sure you do what you can to quickly insulate your home to prevent the heat to escape, such as putting towels under drafty doors and in window sills. Following the tips above will help warm the house until the heater gets fixed by places like A Bailey Plumbing.