When Less Is More: Easy Zen Style Decorating Tips For Your Home

Posted on: 29 January 2015

A cluttered room not only looks unattractive, but it can also cause you to feel anxious. Zen style is the opposite of clutter. It is a decorating theme that infuses your home with peace, serenity, and calmness. Consider the following tips to implement Zen style into your home.

Move out clutter

Eliminate everything you don't need or use. If your walls are covered with elaborate picture groupings and photos, consider selecting one framed piece you can't live without and removing the rest.

Framed photos can be placed in albums and stored on shelves. Choose a few family photos you treasure to place in frames to keep on display. Swap them out when you get new ones.

Stop hoarding things you haven't used in years. Give items away to thrift stores or have a yard sale. Storing unused items takes up precious space you could be using for more important things.

Bring nature in

Natural elements are an important part of Zen decorating. Add a plant or two, but no more. A tabletop fountain will provide the tranquil sound of a waterfall. Candles can be placed on a tray surrounded by river rocks to add the element of fire. 

Take advantage of natural sunlight. Do not place items on the windowsill. You want the natural light shining through the window to be the center of attention.

Simplify furniture

For a true Zen style, you want furniture that is simple with straight lines. Stay away from curved legs on chairs and sofas. When you shop for new furniture from a company like Home Furniture Co., Inc, you should look for modular furniture with minimalist features.

Wooden furnishings are preferred in Zen décor. Bamboo is also a popular choice. Stay away from bright prints and loud floral upholstery. Stick with earthy colors like beige, gray, and brown.

Eliminate plastic  

Stay away from plastic and other manmade materials. Metal, copper, stone, and iron accent pieces work best. Rocks and pieces of driftwood can be used in place of manufactured decor.

Emphasize quality, not quantity

A single flower placed in a metal vase is better than busy floral arrangements in a Zen-inspired room. Limit the use of accent pillows, spreads, and table runners. Select a few you like and eliminate the rest.

Get rid of furniture you don't use and consider purchasing a sectional-type sofa for the living room. One larger piece of furniture is less distracting than multiple chairs, a love seat, and a sofa.

Conceal storage

Open storage areas are too distracting for a Zen-inspired theme. Items that need stored should be put in a closet or enclosed wall storage unit.  If you have a lot of books, you may want to consider covering them with monochrome paper to cut down the cluttered look on open shelves.

Going Zen doesn't have to happen overnight. By incorporating a few small changes at a time in your home, you can enjoy the benefits of peace and serenity. Start by selecting one room to de-clutter. Add some Zen décor and furnishings. Experiencing the feeling of calmness in one room will inspire you to work on the others.