3 Tips For Tasteful Faith-Based Decorating

Posted on: 16 February 2015

Your home's decor should suit you and your family, and it should be like a snapshot of you and your loved ones' interests and beliefs. This means that you may want to add decorative crosses and other faith-based decor, but you could be concerned about doing so tastefully. You don't have to adorn your walls with huge religious murals just to make your point, but following these simple yet tasteful tips can help you display your pride in your faith without going overboard.

1. Mix and Match

No matter how much you might love your religion, you probably don't want to cover all of your walls with religious decorations. Instead, try mixing and matching a few different decor types to achieve a tasteful look. For example, you might want to display wall hangings of crosses alongside your wedding or family photographs. Then, you can show that your religion is a part of you and your family's day-to-day lives without going too far.

2. Incorporate Into Your Color Scheme

If you have a specific color scheme going on in the various rooms of your home, look for religious decor in this color scheme. For example, you may want to add a painting that has a lot of purple and blue in it if you use these colors to decorate your living room, or you might find decorative crosses that will match nicely with your brown furniture. By choosing decor in the right color schemes, you can pull together the whole look very cohesively.

3. Frame Special Faith-Based Documents

If you and your family members have received faith-based documents, such as a certificate after being baptized, then you should consider framing these documents and hanging them alongside the other things that are hanging on your walls. Doing so will help give your decor a personalized look and feel and will allow you and your family to display how your religion applies to you and your family. Plus, hanging these documents on the walls in your home will allow you to share these special moments in your life with the people who you love the most.

Faith-based decorating can be a wonderful way to share the message with your friends, family members and other guests, and it can allow you to incorporate something that is important to you into your home's decor. You don't have to go overboard, either; instead, try these tips for a tasteful look.