Housewarming Gifts For A Minimalist Household

Posted on: 31 March 2015

Modern gift giving is slowly changing. Experts are realizing that people tend to enjoy gifts that are selected from a wish list or cash rather than expensive, surprise gifts. Even though gift givers know that their gifts will be appreciated more if it is something the recipient wants, people still have a difficult time letting go of the tradition of shopping for the perfect surprise. Matters are complicated even more if you are shopping for a friend or family member who has embraced a minimalist lifestyle. However, following these three tips will help you pick the perfect gift for your minimalist friends. 

Understand How Your Friends Practice Minimalism 

Every minimalist approaches minimalism from a slightly different angle. Extreme minimalists may want to limit their earthly possessions to fewer than 100 items. Aesthetic minimalists may not mind having unnecessary, fun items around the house as long as they can be kept out of sight. Organizational minimalists may keep all of their belongings, but be very aware of how they organize their space and time. 

Understanding what type of minimalism your friends practice will get you started on picking a gift for them. Your friends will feel flattered that you took the time to understand their beliefs and values if you get them a gift that they can use on a daily basis. 

Consider the Shopping Experience 

Most minimalists value experience over possessions. Many believe that having fewer possessions to take care of gives them more time and money to enjoy life experiences. If your friends believe this, consider taking them along with you when you go shopping for their gift. If you are shopping for a gift online, search together over coffee, discussing possible items. Although the gift will no longer be a surprise, you will share a fun experience that your friends are more likely to remember fondly than the actual gift you select. 

Search for Gifts With a Practical Use

Many people avoid practical gifts because they are not thought of as fun. However, minimalists will appreciate a practical gift much more than a decorative or lavish gift that they cannot use. Consider organizers for any room or the garden. Tools are also a good idea, if your friends do not participate in a tool library. 

Giving a gift to a minimalist can be an awkward experience, especially if they do not end up using your gift. The best way to make it a positive experience for you and the recipients is to really understand their lifestyle and current needs before looking for a gift for them. Talk to experts like Eve & Nico Crafts Home Decor for more information.