3 Great Reasons To Get Customized Window Shades

Posted on: 17 April 2015

When trying to determine what type of coverings to put on your windows, you should definitely consider using window shades in some of the rooms in your home. Window shades are solid pieces of fabric that cover your entire window, and have slats located inside of them so that they can be opened and closed. Window shades not only look great, but they are also just as functional as any other type of window covering, if not more. This article will discuss 3 great reasons to get customized window shades for your home. 

Personalize Them For Each Room

If you decide that you would like to use window shades in your home, you can make each window shade look different so that they match the colors in each room. You can have the window shades in your children's rooms match whatever color theme you have going on, and you can also choose a fabric for your window shade that incorporates other fun patterns as well. When it comes to the main areas of your home, you can keep your window shades more neutral if you would like, by using either white, tan, or brown material. To have these custom window shades created you will simply need to take a color swatch into the professional making the window shades, so that they can match the color perfectly. 

Don't Have To Worry About Sun Coming Through

Another great reason why you should choose window shades is because you don't have to worry about sun coming through the slats, like you would with blinds. Window shades can pull up to the top of the window when you want the sun to shine in. When they are closed, sun is blocked out completely, which also creates complete privacy as an added bonus.

You Can Purchase Motor Operated Window Shades

If you don't want to deal with opening and closing your windows at all, then shades are great because they can come motorized. A motor is installed right into your window shade, and it either draws up the slats within the window shade, or lets them down, depending on what buttons you press. You can easily open or close your window shades anywhere in your home without every having to get up. You can even set your windows shades to open and close at certain times if you aren't going to be home.

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