5 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Yard With The Change Of The Seasons

Posted on: 3 August 2015

As the seasons change, caring for your landscaping will have different needs, ranging from picking up loose leaves in the fall to adding fertilizer to the plants with the arriving spring. In order for your yard to stay in the best shape season to season, you will need to take the time to look into how you can clean up the yard each season. This means paying attention to the unique demands that arise throughout the year and what you can do to make landscaping an easier task.

Use a Tarp for Moving Leaves and Debris

If you have to move a lot of leaves and debris away from your yard due to trimming shrubs or picking up after a stormy winter, you can make use of a large landscaping tarp. What the tarp will allow you to do is pick up any leaves and debris while cleaning up your yard, move them to the tarp, and easily tow it all away without making a large mess.

Rent a Dumpster Container for Large Items

For larger pieces of wood and debris littering your yard, there's no better option than a dumpster container. Instead of getting your vehicle dirty with landscaping debris, you can make the plans to rent a dumpster container that will help make towing away junk easier. While many people use these dumpers for home renovations, they can be just as valuable for cleaning up your yard between seasons.

Sprinkle In a New Layer of Fertilizer

In order to keep the lawn and any plants in good shape as the year goes by, you'll need to give it the nourishment it needs. This is as simple as grabbing a quality fertilizer and sprinkling it into the soil every few months.

Test the Health of the Soil and Plants

Along with using fertilizer for your plants, you should take the time to check the condition of both the soil and plants. Looking for any signs of discoloration or pests should help you get the plants any necessary treatments they need to stay vibrant.

Reuse What You Can for Your Yard

Instead of spending a lot of money on your landscaping cleanups each season, look into what can be reused. You should be able to get a polished looks by transplanting some plants and even using old stumps as plant stands.

As you explore your options for keeping your yard in good condition, you should be able to find some great ideas for making clean-ups easier. From using a tarp to adding fertilizer, your yard will continue looking great in the months to come. For more ideas, contact a company like Headman Lawn Care and Christmas Lighting.