Why and How to Seal Your New Stamped Concrete Patio

Posted on: 24 August 2015

Once your new concrete patio has been laid in your backyard, protecting that patio will become one of your home maintenance priorities. After all, you'll be using your patio for many years to come. The best way for you to protect your concrete is to seal it appropriately.

Why should you seal your new concrete patio?

There are many reasons to seal your new stamped concrete patio. Sealer protects the concrete from a variety of conditions and outdoor elements including freeze/thaw cycles, harsh UV rays, de-icing salts, dust and others. Essentially, you need to seal your new concrete patio because doing so will make it last longer and will ensure that it looks better for the duration of its life.

When should you seal the patio for the first time?

When the concrete has finished curing, which can take about a month. Ask your contractor when would be appropriate.

How often should you seal your concrete after the first application?

Acrylic sealers last a few years at most. You'll be able to tell if your concrete needs to be resealed because water will stop beading up on the surface of the concrete, and the concrete itself will start to look more matte on its surface.

What kind of sealer should you use?

For a stamped concrete patio, you'll want a concrete sealer that will allow the slab to breathe and moisture beneath the slab to escape. Acrylic based sealers will allow moisture to escape from beneath your concrete patio. Acrylic sealers will also prevent the patio from yellowing or discoloring over time and will protect your patio from harmful UV rays, oil and grease from the grill, and even de-icing salts. This kind of protection ensures that your concrete patio is all-weather appropriate.

How do you apply the sealer?

You can apply the sealer by first cleaning the patio and allowing the surface to dry. Apply the sealer with a pressure sprayer, then go over the sealer with a roller that has a thick nap. Use the roller to make sure that the sealer is spread evenly over the stamped indentations in the concrete. Once the sealer has been spread around evenly, wait for it to dry then apply another coat. Follow all manufacturer's instructions when applying sealer.

Where can you buy acrylic sealer?

You can buy concrete sealer online from a reputable concrete dealer or at a hardware store. For more information about purchasing or applying concrete sealer, contact the retailer or manufacturer.