Giving Your Exterior A Face Lift? Start At The Porch

Posted on: 21 September 2015

When giving the exterior of your home a facelift, you should start right at the porch. You may be surprised at how much this can change the way your home looks. The tips below can help you create a beautiful area for the people that come knocking on your front door.

Use a Wall Light Fixture

Unless you just moved into your home, the light fixture on your front porch may have been there for years, and may be something you have not given a second thought to. Consider removing that old fixture and installing a new one. You may be surprised at the many options you have if you visit a home supply store, and most of them will not put a large hole in your pocket. Choose a hand-crafted copper or iron for something really unique, or choose a light fixture made from bronze. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches with the lock set on your door. You should also consider the size, as you do not want the fixture to be overwhelming.

You also want to make sure it generates the right amount of light. You do not want the light to be too harsh to your visitor's eyes, but want it to be bright enough to provide them with a well-lit area. Hang a lighting fixture on each side of your door. 

Paint the Door

If your wooden front door has seen its better days, you can paint it instead of replacing it with a brand new one. Before you start painting the door, completely remove it from its hinges, and remove all hardware. Take the door outside and lay it on some sawhorses so you can work on it.

First, use sandpaper to sand each side of the door down to remove any existing paint. When you finish, run your hand over the door to make sure it feels smooth. Wipe the door down on each side with a damp rag to remove any sandpaper dust, as well as any dirt that may be on the door.

Next, brush on a top coat of primer on the door. Let the first topcoat dry, and then apply a second one. If there are any cracks in the door, use caulking to fill them in. When the caulking dries, sand it over until the area is smooth. Turn the door over and do the same for the other side.

When finished you are ready to paint the door. Use a wide brush and paint using long strokes from the top to the bottom. Use a small brush to paint the corners or any other small areas. When finished, let it completely dry before you turn it over to paint the other side. You should use at least two or three coats of paint. When your door is completely dry, reattach all of the hardware, and then rehang it.

Use a high quality exterior paint for your front door so it will last a long time. Make sure the color you use goes well with your siding, trim, and shutters