3 Ways To Determine Whether You Need New Windows

Posted on: 14 October 2015

Older homes can still be energy efficient, but you have to know for sure. One of the biggest sources of energy loss in any home is faulty windows. Whether your home is older or new, it helps to know how to check your windows to figure out if they need replacing. Once you perform a few of these tests, you'll have an idea which windows are having difficulty keeping the outside on the other side of the glass.

Look at the Windows Themselves

The first step is to check the windows themselves. Look for cracks and holes that could be letting cold air into the house. Often when you see your windows every day, you don't notice tiny hairline cracks that can mean a huge loss of energy. If you need to, use a magnifying glass and a bright light to check the windowpanes as thoroughly as possible. Mark any problems that you find with a small piece of masking tape. If you have multiple windows with problems, but several that are perfectly fine, it helps to keep a list to refer to later.

Shake the Windows a Little

While you're visually inspecting each window, give each one a firm but gentle shake. Listen carefully to determine if you hear any rattles or other noises. Any loose aspects to the window mean that you're potentially losing a lot of heat during the winter. While you're giving the windows a jiggle, double check the locks on the windows. If they're not functioning properly, that's another seal that is malfunctioning.

Do the Smoke Test

If you're still not sure about a particular window, you can perform your own version of an air pressure test. Make sure that all of your exterior doors and windows are closed and then turn on all of the exhaust fans in the house. Light a stick of incense so you can use the smoke for the test. Take the lit incense to each window and hold it close to the window along all of the edges. If the smoke pulls toward the window in any spots, that indicates a leak in that area. Mark the area with masking tape and tally the results once you've taken the incense to each window.

Once you've done all your tests, you should have a pretty good idea about whether window replacement is for you. Contact an expert today to make sure that you get just the right windows for your home's needs. For more information, visit sites like http://kcglassinc.com/.