Pretty Ideas For A Garden Path

Posted on: 29 November 2015

A pretty garden path can be a romantic addition to either your front or back yard. Such a path can lead directly to your front door or encourage meditation during a leisurely stroll. Even the smallest of gardens can hold such a path – it's just a matter of planning it out with materials and shape. From there, add pretty landscaping to create a walkway that adds value to your yard.

Path Materials

One of the first considerations to make for your pathway is the material you're going to use. There are so many options, from pebbles to bricks, and they each affect the feel of your garden path.

Brick is a classic. A brick walkway works well for a more formal style. Utilize brick if your path is straight and wide.

Natural stone is a material that blends in well with landscaping. You can use this material in any shape of walkway and for both formal and casual styles. One option is leaving space between the stones and putting fragrant plants such as thyme in the gaps.

Shape of the Walkway

Another big consideration for a path is the shape. The location of your walkway has an impact on this choice. Front yard walkways tend to be shorter, making a straight walkway more efficient. However, a curving path adds interest to a large garden, as the Landscaping Network points out.

In fact, adding even a small curve to your pathway gives it a charming meandering feel. To further this ambiance, add small focal points within the curve or as a view from the natural stopping point. For example, build a curve in the path to take in a manicured mini-garden or to enjoy the sounds of a fountain.

Plants Borders

Another method for making your pathway pretty is adding border plants. Not only do they give passersby something to look at, but they provide a natural end point for the sides of the path.

The plants you choose depend largely on your landscaping style. However, flowers are always a good choice. Look for small varieties, such as petunias and rockcress. Use taller varieties, such as daylilies and snapdragons, to guide passersby along a curve.

Another option for the curves in your path is to build up a flower garden. Stack natural stone from a company like Old World Stone up on one side of the path to create a slight elevation. Plant an array of flowers and attractive plants on the elevation, and adorn them with accent pieces such as small statues, pretty rocks or even a small fountain. Such a mini-garden provides a natural pausing point for anyone walking on your path.

Create a pathway that encourages visitors to admire the unique beauty of your garden.