Tips To Consider Before Building A Wooden Patio Cover

Posted on: 15 February 2016

Nothing is as enjoyable as sitting out on your patio on warm summer evenings. However, when you would like to enjoy your patio during the day time, you may avoid it because of the hot sun or because it is raining. If you have a wooden patio cover built, you can enjoy your patio anytime you want without worrying about uncomfortable outdoor elements. Before you build your wooden patio cover, consider these tips for ensuring your project goes smoothly.

Creating A Unique Patio Cover

Your patio may be perfectly square or it may be an odd shape with additional amenities like a fire pit or even a fireplace. When designing a patio cover for an odd-shaped patio, you need to include special considerations for things like a fireplace or fire pit. If you have never designed a patio cover before, consulting with a professional builder is a good idea for making sure your design will be adequate. Bear in mind as well the area you live in could also have laws about building codes and permits. If you have never obtained a building permit or if you are unsure about the codes, having a professional builder take care of your patio cover construction for you is best. Some codes include requirements like:

  • You may need to add vertical support using concrete according to the placement of your existing patio.

  • Some codes might require you to have additional structural support for your cover by bolting metal straps to the concrete.

Taking the time to plan your patio cover is the best way to get the kind of results you can enjoy for many years to come.

Add In Your Time And Money For Maintenance

One of the reasons you may have chosen wood for your patio cover is its beauty and natural appeal. When considering wood for your patio cover, remember the time you will need to spend on maintaining the beauty of wood is a good idea. Wood needs to be stained and sealed with special outdoor sealant like polyurethane on a regular basis.

Choosing Between A Patio Cover Kit Or Gathering Your Own Materials

Many patio cover companies offer pre-fabricated kits that come with everything you need for constructing your patio cover. However, if you need a unique design for your cover, you may not find a kit with the exact specifications and materials it would require. In the case of an odd design, having a professional contractor choose the materials necessary for complete construction is the best way to go.

Taking the time to think through and plan every home improvement project is the best way to avoid wasting time and money.