Trying To Make The Perfect Man Cave Tavern In Your Basement? The Must Have Options

Posted on: 19 April 2016

If you are ready to finish your basement and you envision it being the perfect man cave, there are some great materials you can use to make your basement stand out. You can customize the space so that it reflects all of your personal tastes and interests, from your heritage to your favorite sports team.

You'll want to talk with your remodeling expert or contractor about the materials you want to use, and how they will work with building codes. Consider the following options.

Original or Old Wood

Get old wood from a local barn and use it on the walls instead of drywall if you're aiming for a rustic look. You can use an old wooden bar that came out of an old pub, wooden planks from an old building for the flooring and more. This wood can be restored and finished, and people will get the feel that they are in a historic or original bar when they are in your basement space. You may have to shop antique stores or estate sales to find the perfect wood for the space.

Stamped Concrete Bar Top

Instead of using a stone or wood countertop choose decorative concrete. You can have the countertop designed and stamped with your initials, with your family crest, with the emblem of your favorite sports team or anything else you have envisioned. You can get concrete that is stained to look like stone, wood or tile. The concrete is robust, so you won't have to worry about chips or damages from use. Visit or a similar site for more information.

Custom Aged Signs

Have a sign customized and designed to look like and old bar tavern sign that would go on the outside of the building. There are many carpenters and woodworking experts that do custom carvings and engravings, and can add color and unique touches to the sign. This sign can go above the bar area where you entertain, or it can go somewhere in the basement where all will see it. You can also do a menu to match.

These are just a few of the great options you can use to make a unique man cave that looks like an old tavern. Use wall sconces that look like lanterns and other old world decorative feathers in the place to add some finishing touches when you're done. Find the perfect pieces and materials until you are able to fulfill your vision for your man cave.