Some Pros And Cons To Aluminum Awnings

Posted on: 7 June 2016

Going out and sitting on your porch or patio is an easy way to get out of the house and enjoy some nice weather. However, if your porch or patio gets a lot of sun, sitting out there can be less than pleasant. If you are looking for a way to get some shade to make sitting on your patio or porch pleasant, awnings are one great way to do it. If you choose to go with an awning for your porch or patio, there are several kinds of materials that they are made from. One of those materials that you could choose from includes aluminum. There are pros and cons to choosing aluminum awnings to use for your patio or porch. 


Able to stand up to weather: One of the pros to choosing aluminum awnings over something like canvas is that it can stand up to the weather better. One such example is rain. The rain is able to slide right off the aluminum surface without collecting any on the surface. Canvas awnings can collect rainwater because they can develop little dips where the material has stretched out. The weight of the rainwater can cause those areas of the canvas to stretch out and dip even more. Canvas awnings may even tear from the weight of rainwater, or collected ice during the winter. 

Longer lifespan: Another pro to using aluminum for your awnings is that they tend to have a longer lifespan than materials like canvas. Canvas can start to rot away from the exposure to sun and weather, which is something that doesn't happen to aluminum. If you make sure that you take could care of the awnings, they could last for many years. 


More expensive: While aluminum awnings are generally inexpensive, they are still more expensive than canvas awnings are, especially if you want to have something like a retractable awning. It's harder to make an aluminum awning than it is for a canvas awning, thus the higher price. 

Fewer color choices: Another drawback to choosing aluminum over canvas is that you are going to have fewer color or pattern choices than you are if you choose canvas. Canvas can be dyed or stamped with almost infinite colors and patterns, whereas it is harder to do that with aluminum. 

If you want to have shade over your patio or porch, there are several material choices you can choose from