5 Tips for Controlling Weeds in Your Yard

Posted on: 27 July 2016

Most homeowners desire a beautiful yard, but weeds have a way of popping up and causing landscaping problems. If you don't want to spend hours every month pulling a yard full of weeds by hand, it is important to have a weed control plan. Use the following tips to ensure that weeds don't take over your yard:

Put Down a Weed Barrier

If you are planning to landscape a dirt backyard, using a weed barrier in gravel areas will save you a lot of time in the future. Weed barrier is available in several different materials, and it is designed to provide ground cover that prohibits weeds from being able to grow through. Before you put in gravel, make sure you lay a high quality weed barrier.

Utilize Mulch

Mulch is not just good for your plants, it is also quite effective at keeping weeds from growing by reducing the amount of sunlight that hits the soil. You can use straw, shredded leaves, or other organic matter in garden areas, or you can opt to purchase a mulch mixture from a gardening center or nursery. 

Prevent Seeding

No matter how hard you try to prevent weeds, there is still a good chance that they can pop up. If you notice new weed growth and don't have the time to do extensive yard work right away, make the time to cut off the head of the weed (highest point) to prevent it from producing seeds that will spread through the area and result in additional weed growth.

Don't Disrupt the Soil

Weed seeds can be very hearty and lay dormant for a long time. If you till or turn your soil often, you will be exposing the weed seeds to light, air, and water, which can result in a huge patch of weeds growing. Once you establish a garden bed, try to resist turning the soil and bringing the weed seeds to the surface. A garden bed can still be very healthy without tilling or turning the soil if you water the area properly and provide fertilization.

Add Extra Ground Cover

An easy way to control weeds while also enhancing the look of your yard is to add ground covering plants, or plant new plants closer together. This technique helps inhibit the amount of sun that is able to hit the soil, which helps prevent weed seeds from germinating properly so they are unable to grow.

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