The Smart Way To Preserve The Magic Beauty Of Your Lakseside Home

Posted on: 20 September 2016

Residential properties erected besides lakes and other bodies of water not only inspire tranquility, but they typically command a higher asking price. Lakeside property owners are able to enjoy the best of two worlds: living on land while also having the ability to go out on the water whenever it suits them. You can take an active role in preserving your lakeside home by strengthening the divide between land and water with shore line stabilization.

Understanding How Shore Erosion Works

The gentle ripples you see on the surface of the lake beside your home may be mesmerizing, but they also carry some force. Over time, the land that separates your home from the water can erode. While you may want to be as close to the water's edge as possible, the structural integrity of your home may become threatened.

Homes situated near lakes with a lot of recreational activity can be even more at risk of shore line erosion. Acts of nature and construction can also have an impact on the shore line near your home, so take care to monitor your property on a consistent basis.

Practical Shore Line Protection Techniques

Before you can determine how to best preserve the shore line on your property, you need to take a close look at how it is currently designed. Shore lines with a gentle slope can be reinforced with plants that are native to the area or even with large rocks or tree branching. Since stabilizing a shore line is a lot of hard work, you will certainly want to consult with a shore line work company like JK Landscaping & Grading Inc before you put any changes into effect.

Shore lines can be further stabilized with retaining walls, by building docks or even by adding sand or soil. The construction of your shore line can be minimally altered, helping to preserve its appearance while enhancing strength and functionality.

Maintaining The Divide Between Land And Water  

While relaxing in your home and taking in the calm serenity of the waters nearby, knowing that there will always be a solid separation between the two should give you peace of mind. Occasionally checking your shore line will help you to identify weak spots, while also giving you a chance to surround yourself with its natural beauty. Residential shore line preservation is a must for those who live just beyond the water's edge, and with enough practice it becomes like second nature.