FAQ About Using Stone Pavers for Hardscapes

Posted on: 14 October 2016

Do you want to improve the look of your landscape by adding a few hardscapes? If you have not decided on a material to use for the project, you might want to opt for stone pavers. Stone pavers are ideal because they come along with a variety of benefits. In this article, you will find a few answers to questions that you might have before investing in stone pavers for your hardscapes.

How Durable Are Stone Pavers?

Stone pavers are actually one of the most durable pavement materials that you will find for your hardscapes. One of the perks about using stone pavers is that they are very strong and will not break easily. You will also not have to deal with untimely cracks, such as if your hardscapes were constructed of solid concrete. For instance, stone pavers can actually adjust as the ground settles and will not be placed under a lot of pressure.

Are There a Variety of Stone Pavers Types?

You will have the option of choosing between numerous types of stone pavers for your hardscapes. For instance, the stones are available in different shapes and sizes. The types of stones are also numerous. A few of your stone options will include granite, limestone, marble, and flagstone. The stones are also available in many different colors, so you should not have a problem creating a look that complements the color of your house.

What Kind of Maintenance Will Be Necessary?

One of the perks of using stone pavers is that there will not be much maintenance necessary to keep them looking good. The main thing that you will have to do is sweep the pavers when they accumulate a lot of dirt. You might have to rinse them off with a garden hose as well. If a paver happens to get damaged, you can replace it and not have to spend money on getting the entire pavement repaired.

Can Stone Pavers Add Character to a Hardscape?

You will have a lot of versatility with adding character to your hardscapes with stone pavers. You can opt for stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors to create a design that is as unique as you desire. It is also possible to incorporate different natural stone types to add even more character, rather than using one specific type. Visit a natural-stone dealer to get the materials needed to construct your hardscapes.

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