The Decisions You Need To Make When Getting An Interior Railing For Your Staircase

Posted on: 13 October 2020

If you just got a new staircase installed in your home, you might need to choose a railing to have attached to it. An interior railing is useful because everyone in the house can hold onto the handrail while walking up or down the staircase. Railings offer an added barrier while preventing people from falling and getting hurt. It is quite vital to have an interior railing for your staircase if you have children in the home because they are more prone to slipping and getting hurt while on the steps. Since it is a good idea to have an interior railing, you need to decide which one is the best for your home.

What Material Looks Best With Your Staircase?

Although aluminum railings are a common sight outside, they are not as common inside. You can choose a railing made from aluminum and get it installed on your staircase, but other options, including wood railings, often match best with the stairs. Aside from aluminum or wood, stainless steel railings and glass railings are also available and may look the absolute best inside your property, depending on what you want your staircase to look like.

Are There Large Gaps Between the Balusters?

Most railings have balusters going horizontally or vertically. Some of these balusters look unique because they have intricate designs on them. Whether you want something with designs is up to you, but you should think about whether there are large gaps between the balusters or not. When you have small children or pets, having significant gaps between the balusters could turn into a problem. It is far better to select a railing with fewer gaps. However, if you do not have children or animals in the home, you might not care too much about the space between those balusters, especially if you like a specific design.

Is It Possible to Customize a Railing?

If you do not see a railing that you like, you can talk to the company that provides railings to find out if they can create a custom option for you. They would need to discuss the details with you, including the material you want them to use and the specific way you want your railing to look. After that consultation with the company's employees, they could construct a beautiful interior railing and install it.

It is in your best interest to get an interior railing installed on your home's new staircase, but you might not know which one to pick. With dozens of choices available, consider the materials used, the spacing between the balusters, and whether or not the company can create a custom railing for you if need be.

To learn more, contact a resource that sells interior railings.