Keeping Your Fresh Cut Flowers Alive

Posted on: 17 May 2021

Placing fresh-cut flowers throughout the home can be an easy way of improving the interior decorations. However, these flowers will be notoriously short-lived if you fail to follow the best practices for protecting and maximizing the lifespan of these flowers.

Keep The Flowers In A Cool Area Of The Home

Placing the flowers in an area of the home that gets too warm is a mistake that will drastically reduce the lifespan of the cut flowers. In fact, extreme heat may cause the lifespan of cut flowers to be reduced from a week or longer to only a day or two. Whenever you are considering where the flowers are going to be placed, you should prioritize keeping them in an area where they can get sufficient sunlight while also still being fairly cool. A window near an air conditioning vent is one of the best options that will balance these conflicting requirements.

Treat The Water To Provide The Plant With Nutrients

Individuals will often fail to consider the importance of flowers getting nutrients from the water where they are kept. When the flowers are attached to the plant, the root system will handle extracting nutrients from the soil so that the plant gets what it needs to grow and thrive. To help the flowers last longer, add a sugar treatment to the water. This provides the flowers with the nutrients needed to sustain them for far longer. In fact, this additional step may be able to lengthen the lifespan of your cut flowers to almost two weeks. Whenever you change the water for your flowers, you should add more of this solution. Fortunately, many florists will provide this mixture to their customers, but if you run out of this solution, you may be able to add a small amount of sugar to the water to achieve similar results.

Consider Trimming Dying Leaves

As the cut flowers degrade, they will start to develop dead leaves and petals. Removing these from the stem can help to limit the flower from devoting resources to these portions of the flower. When performing this care, you should verify that the leaves or flowers are well into the process of dying before you remove them. Removing the leaves from the flowers can also deprive them of the energy that they get from photosynthesis. By making sure to only trim the portions of the flowers that have suffered extensive deterioration, you minimize these negative effects.

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