Things to Think About When You Shop for a Movable Kitchen Island

Posted on: 27 July 2021

In many kitchens, the island is an immovable structure attached to the floor. If your kitchen isn't currently equipped with an island and you're thinking about adding one, you don't necessarily need to hire a contractor to build this structure for you. Another option is to visit a furniture store and browse its selection of movable islands. These islands offer much of the same functionality as their built-in counterparts but are on wheels so that you can roll them out of the way when needed. Here are some things that you should consider as you shop for a movable kitchen island.


Choosing the right size of movable kitchen island will be vitally important. You want this addition to your kitchen to make your life easier by providing countertop space and storage space, but not be so large that it's constantly getting in your way. One way to proceed is to look at a few movable kitchen islands online and note their length and width. You can then use painter's tape to make a rectangle on your kitchen floor that is the size of an island you're considering. Leave the tape in place for a few days to get a sense of whether the size is right.


Movable kitchen islands have all sorts of designs, so you'll want to evaluate a number of models in an effort to find one that works well visually in your kitchen. Two elements to think about are the countertop of the island and the material below. Ideally, you'll be able to find a product that has a countertop that matches your kitchen's existing countertop. If not, look for something that compliments what you already have. The material below the top of the movable island will commonly be made of wood or metal. Think about what elements are present in your kitchen and look for a product that will be a good fit visually.

Enclosed Vs. Open

Some movable kitchen islands are enclosed with drawers and cabinet doors around them, while others have an open design. Both options can be advantageous, so you'll need to think about what look you prefer. An open style allows you to retrieve your stored items quicker, whereas an enclosed style may have a tidier look because your stored items aren't visible. Think about your storage needs as you assess different islands. If you have large things to store, the open style may be better. Visit the kitchen furniture section of a local furniture store to browse its selection of movable kitchen islands.