Tips To Prepare For Mulch Delivery

Posted on: 8 August 2022

Mulch is a great way to prevent weeds, add extra nutrients to your soil, and create a beautiful landscape. For many homeowners, a bulk mulch delivery just makes sense because of the amount of mulch you will require. Properly preparing for your bulk mulch delivery will ensure you can spread the product and create the landscape of your dreams. Here are a few simple tips to help you prepare for a bulk mulch delivery.

Schedule the Mulch Delivery

Talk to the mulch distributor to determine the ideal date and time for the delivery. Typically, it is best to receive your mulch in the spring or the fall, depending on your plans for the mulch. Also, make sure that whatever date you choose, the weather is forecasted to be in your favor. You do not want to have your mulch delivered on a rainy day. It will be difficult to shovel and spread the wet, heavy mulch.

Locate the Ideal Spot to Have the Mulch Delivered

Next, you need to find the ideal spot to have the mulch dumped. Depending upon the amount of mulch, you might need a large space to accommodate the pile of mulch. Ideally, the spot should be adjacent to where the mulch is being spread. Some homeowners choose to have the mulch dumped on their driveway.

However, this is problematic because the mulch can stain your asphalt driveway. If you are planning on leaving the mulch for several days, do not leave the mulch on grass you do not want to be damaged. The mulch will drown out the sunlight and air, which can cause the grass to turn yellow.

Prepare the Soil or Garden Beds

Leaving the mulch in a large pile can be damaging to the surface below, which means you should spread the mulch as quickly as possible. Prepare the soil where the mulch will be laid ahead of time to ensure you are able to spread the mulch as quickly as possible. For example, for a garden bed, remove any weeds, and cultivate the soil to ensure it is prepared for planting.

Next, trim any bushes or small trees that will be surrounded by mulch. Finally, clean up the edges around the mulch beds with a power edger or a shovel. This will ensure that you have a clear space where you will be laying the mulch.

From preparing the soil to finding the ideal spot, there are several steps you need to take before you can have mulch delivered.