Weed Control Services - Year Round Protection

Posted on: 21 November 2022

Weed control requires the use of targeted treatment methods, seasonal care strategies, and soil nourishment efforts. A weed control service provider may use a pre-emergent product that will prevent weed growth before germination begins. This prevention strategy and the use of soil nutrient enhancements can keep a lawn or garden in optimal condition.

A Pre-Emergent Product

A lawn and garden specialist may use a product that is designed to stop seeds from growing. Germination is the first step in the growing process. Weeds begin growing below the surface of the ground. If weed seeds are concealed in the soil, a property owner may not be aware of where the seeds are located and be uncertain of the potential for a large abundance of weeds to grow within a particular area.

A pre-emergent is a product that comes in a liquid or granular format. Liquid products are designed to be sprayed along flowerbeds, lawns, and gardens. A granular product will typically require the use of a spreader. A spreader is a piece of gardening equipment that is designed to spread granules evenly along a section of property. A pre-emergent may be used during each season of the year. This type of treatment process will ensure that weeds do not thrive at any time of the year. 

Weed Control And Soil Care

There are some additional ways to ward off the growth of weeds. If a service provider does not apply enough of a pre-emergent product or if a product is not effective in stopping germination in its entirety, the use of mulching products can prevent weeds. During seasons when a flowerbed does not have flowering plants in it or when a garden is bare, a layer of mulch should be spread across it.

Mulch will block weeds from growing. If plants are currently growing, mulch can be applied around the bases. This will prevent weeds from taking over the areas where plants are growing. A control service plan may also include treating the soil. A soil testing kit can determine the nutrient content of the soil.

A specialist will use products to adjust the nutrient content. As a result, plants and grass that are growing will receive all of the nutrients they need to grow. The healthy growth of a plant could deter weed growth. Since plants and grass blades will be healthy and resilient, inferior weed varieties may not be able to thrive within the same area where the plants and grass are growing.